EIBC Radio Broadcast

History of the Broadcast

Phil Taylor came to Clay Center and started an FM radio station above the Union State Bank. Phil invited churches to have a broadcast on the new station on Sunday mornings. Emmanuel Church had just voted to buy land and support two missionaries. Then the faith of the members opened a new door of ministry, radio.

Minutes of the meeting, January 4, 1978 ... "moved we take a thirty minute spot on the new FM radio station KCLY on Sunday morning at 9:00 O'clock am, as a mission project..."

The first programs were made on a Sony, reel to reel recorder in Pastor's study in their mobile home and taken to the radio station above the bank. In the fall of 1987 the program production moved to pastor's study at 411 Blunt. In 2005 the Lord supplied state-of-the-art digital audio equipment and a relocated production site.

After nearly forty years on the air, the Emmanuel Independent Baptist Church Radio Broadcast aired its final program on KCLY-FM 100.9 on October 29, 2017.