Pastor Schoneweis

EIBC Senior Pastor

Pastor Schoneweis Pastor Schoneweis was born in the Clay Center area nearly 70 years ago. At the age of 32, under conviction of the Holy Spirit, he trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. In 1970, the Lord took Pastor Schoneweis from his farm near Oakhill, Kansas, and brought him to Greenville, South Carolina, where he studied for the ministry at Bob Jones University. After completing his undergraduate work at BJU, the Lord called Pastor Schoneweis back to his home area to start a new Independendent, Fundamental Baptist Church.

In 1974, Emmanuel Independent Baptist Church, of Clay Center, Kansas was chartered and Pastor Schoneweis has remained as the Senior pastor for nearly 35 years. Since completing his undergraduate work at BJU, Pastor has continued his education in the ministry and received his Master of Ministry degree in 1989. He is presently working on a Doctorate of Pastoral Studies.

Pastor is one of the co-founders of Camp "Son Shine" now known as Camp Challenge, a camp ministry for youth from the Kansas and Oklahoma area fundamental churches held for one week every June. The camp has been used by the Lord in the lives of hundreds of young people from all over the Kansas and Oklahoma area.

Pastor Schoneweis also serves as the South Central Regional Director for the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International. The FBFI is a fellowship of believer's who hold to the essential fundamental doctrines of the Scriptures with distinctions that are historically baptist. Pastor also serves on its board of directors.

Pastor Schoneweis's preaching is accurately based upon the Scriptures, expositional in development, warm and dynamic in delivery. His love for the Lord and desire to be obedient to the Word of God, is evident, not only in the pulpit, but throughout the oversight of the church. His philosophy of ministry is summed up in the motto that has become known in our congregation: "Building for eternity, by knowing and loving God."

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities at EIBC, Pastor is also an encouragment to other area pastors in fundamentalism as well. In the mid 1980's, he encouraged the fellowship of area pastors in Kansas by hosting the first Kansas Pastor's Fellowhip, a fellowship that continues to be an encouragement to young and old pastors to this day.

For over 30 years, his voice has been heard in the community on a weekly Sunday morning broadcast on KCLY, sponsered by Emmanuel Independent Baptist Church. He and his wife Irene, have faithfully served the Lord in Clay Center and in the ministry at EIBC.

Pastor Carr

EIBC Associate Pastor

Pastor Carr Pastor Carr was born in Norfolk, Nebraska. At the age of 22, realizing that he was a lost sinner, he trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Two years later, in the Summer of 1984, the Lord called Pastor Carr into the ministry. He enrolled as a student at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. After completing his undergraduate work at BJU, he returned to Norfolk, Nebraska in February of 1989. One year later he was ordained into the ministry and continued in Norfolk where he served as a pastoral intern until 1997. During his internship, he provided pulpit supply for numerous churches in Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota.

In May of 1997 Pastor Carr took the pastorate of Calvary Baptist Church, in Fremont, Nebraska where he served until October of 2001. He moved to Clay Center in 2001 where he assumed the position of Associate Pastor at Emmanuel Independent Baptist Church.

Pastor Carr has a strong desire to teach the Bible to the people of God and to make practical applications of Scriptural truths for obedient Christlike living. His background in television, radio, and print media, as well as technical skills in information technology and electronics are tools that God has equipped him with to communicate the Gospel and to help disciple Christians in the information age.

Pastor Carr says that he is blessed to serve under the leadership of Pastor Schoneweis. "I've been blessed to labor together with men who are my elders in the ministry," says Pastor Carr. "I have learned much from their wisdom and am compelled to communicate those Biblical truths that I have learned from them to the next generation of Christians."

Pastor Carr lives with his wife Susan and their children in Clay Center, Kansas. He is a son-in-law to Pastor Schoneweis. The Carrs have two children attending Bob Jones University.